U-579 Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel Balancer

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  • Brand: UNITE
  • Product Code: U-579
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1. Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring, allowing faster data input

2. Adding tracking sticky balancing mode, special for high-class wheel uses stick-on weights only. 

3. Automatic width measuring scale.

4. Automatic Disc Brake: Automatic main shaft lock used to retain wheel in the correct position

5. Laser Pointer: Point out the imbalance place with laser automatically

6. LED Lighting: Equipped LED to illuminate the weight position indicator

7. Optional: Pneumatic Locking System

8. 3D Animation interface

* New patented software system. 

* Easy to read balancing operating modes, with innovative dynamic indication light, for accuracy and convenience.

* Easy-to-use button design with quick and understandable symbols to increase operation speed.

* Increasing precision in software utilization.

9. Multi-Language support: 20 Languages available and accept more languages customized.

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Wheel Balancer
SeriesTop Series
FeaturesAutomatic measuring
Balancing Modes9
Balancing accuracy±1g(±0.04 oz)
Balancing speed200 r.p.m
Measuring time8s
Rim diameter252-610 mm 10"-24"
Rim width40-510 mm 1.5"-20"
Max. wheel weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Power supply voltage options110v (1ph)/ 220v (1/3ph)/380v(3ph)
Option motor power0.20/0.37kw
Noise level< 70dB
N/G weight105/126 kg (231/278 lbs)
Package dimension960*760*1180mm (3.1*2.5*3.8ft)
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