U-6657 Fully-Automatic Tilt Back Tower Tire Changer

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  • Brand: UNITE
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1.Eco.saving High-efficiency motor-driven transmission operation device.

The patented motor-driven transmission operation device with the long-lasting design is a high efficiency, great power solution.

2.Large 26” turntable.

3. Adjustable pressing shovel helps to press tyre with less effort.

4. The patented torsion resistance cabinet structure also provides easy access for maintenance. 

5. 056S + 057 help arm system

The right side help arm provides 3 points pressing assistance enables an easy operation for low profile tyres.

Pressing for easier unloading.

Central positioning provides easy clamping.

Pressing roller assists in preventing rim scratch.

Pressing for easier unloading.

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Tire changer
Optional power supply110v (1ph)/ 220v (1/3ph)/380v(3ph)
SeriesStandard Series
Motor power0.37 kw
TypeTilting Tower
Max.wheel diameter≤1143mm (45")
Max.wheel width≤406mm (16")
External clamping12~23"
Internal clamping14~26"
Air supply pressure8-10bar (116-145 psi)
Noise Level≤60 dB
N/G weight242/265.5 kg (533.5/585 lbs)
Package dimension1130*900*1080mm (3.7*2.9*3.5ft)
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