U-239 Fully Automatic Leverless Tire Changer

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  • Brand: UNITE
  • Product Code: G-22
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Full automatic hydraulic and pneumatic deluxe tyre changer with central positioning flange - no lever tire fitting machine with double bead breaker arm, suitable for car wheels with a rim from 8" to 30" (max. wheel diam. 1250 mm./49", max. wheel width 406 mm./16"). Suggested for top professional tire specialists, servicing run flat and UHP tires with no tool/rim contact.


1.  24v safety voltage control.

2. The microswitch allows accurate movement control.

3. Availability to learn the immediate status of the bottom bead changing through the color monitor.

4. The powerful hydraulic drive machine with 3 points bead pressing help arm is able to deal with those hard wall tyres.

5. The leverless demount hook is rounded & smooth design with plastic protector gives further protection to rims.

6. Use the pneumatic tyre lifter for heavy duty tyres. 

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Tire changer
Optional power supply220v (1/3ph)/380v(3ph)
SeriesPro Line
Max.wheel diameter≤1250mm (49")
Max.wheel width≤406mm (16")
Rim dimension8~30"
Air supply pressure8-10bar (116-145 psi)
Noise Level≤75 dB
N/G weight1400 kg
Package dimension1150*1700*1650mm (3.8*5.6*5.4ft)
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