change notice of the U-T50E carriage structure

18/10/2022 Admin

This change is the continuous improvement design for our products . 

1.We suggest all customers to accept this change, the advantages are as below:


1.the slider seat adopts the overall bending design, which has higher strength.

2.the sliding block is embedded in the slide seat for more stability.

b. The synthetical properties of new design is better than old design.

c.This change is free of charge.

2.We are doing the mass production with the new design.

3.If you agree to this change, we can produce your orders with new design now. If you are not sure whether agree to this change, we suggest you order one sample for testing right now.If you decide to produce your machine without this new design, please tell us the reason.

4.Please tell us your decision before reply deadline, Default consent without reply.Thank you !

Changed Machine Models:


U series