EV Battery Lift U-DP7 : Safe Access And Removal Of The Vehicle Battery

01/01/2018 Admin

Safe access and removal of the vehicle battery is the obvious lifting conundrum being presented with the introduction of EVs. A number of solutions have appeared on the market in recent months, and at Balance Group we have decided to introduce 5 different styles of battery table lift.

Now the environment is seriously polluted. Every national government is vigorously promoting new energy electric vehicles. The development of auto technology will drive new energy vehicles(NEVs) to become a major trend. Given that new energy vehicle is increasingly becoming mainstream among the world, EV battery lift is now a chance in the garage equipment field. See More:


That’s right. Our Balance group R&D designed and launched two EV battery lifts in 2018. Here follows the video for your better understanding of the new trend lifts. When you are watching, if you have any questions, you can leave a message directly. We will answer your questions online, thank you!



1. This lift table can lift all kinds of new energy vehicle power batteries with a weight not greater than 1000kg. It equipped with 4 high-strength universal wheels, with 2 brakes, easy to move and transfer, and no need to install.

2. The inclined platform can be adjusted horizontally for 30mm so that the battery and the platform can be fitted seamlessly to meet the needs of batteries in different installation directions.

3. The platform table has a sideslip function, which can realize a 4cm circumferential universal sliding, so as to align the installation holes of the battery screw.

4. The platform table has 3 sleeper structure reinforcement ribs with a height of 8cm, which is convenient for the forklift to transfer after the power battery is removed. In addition, there are 2 rubber pads on each reinforcing bar, which play the role of anti-slip, insulation, and buffer.

5. It has electric models and pneumatic models to choose from. The electric models are equipped with remote control buttons for convenient operation. The pneumatic models are controlled by the foot pedal at the bottom, and the air source pressure is 6-8bar.

6. The bottom of the lift can be open, or it can be equipped with a box-type tool cabinet. It can be used to place relatively bulky car battery testing instruments. If you are not sure whether there is a problem with the battery, just move the lift to test the battery and then disassemble it to avoid unnecessary operations.

7. It has a base lifting cylinder and a platform tilting cylinder, equipped with a safety valve to strengthen the safety protection, which can prevent the oil pipe from bursting suddenly, causing the platform to fall too fast.

8. The descent speed is adjustable, according to the lifting needs, the descent throttle handle can be rotated to adjust the descent speed of the cylinder.

9. Use a high-quality pump station, Italian-made seals, polymer material slider, more wear-resistant.